Farm Hazardous Waste Collections 2016

Posted by Enva

Since 2013, 36 one-day hazardous waste collection centres across Ireland, have seen 7000 farmers bringing their problem wastes for safe collection, recovery and disposal. Working closely with the EPA, Enva organised, operated and reported on 20 hazardous waste collections carried out nationwide over a two year period. Farmers who availed of the service disposed of a variety of wastes including; waste oil, oil filters, paint, veterinary medicines, contaminated needles and syringes, pesticides, biocides, corrosives and POP’s (Persistent Organic Pollutants). Enva also collaborated with WEEE Ireland who provided the additional service of allowing farmers to dispose of waste electricals and appliances.

During Enva’s time managing the events a staggering 240,143kg (240 tonnes) of hazardous waste was collected. A large portion of this waste consisted of veterinary medicines and harmful pesticides. Enva also recovered and disposed of a variety of POP’s which are harmful pesticides and organic pollutants that do not breakdown in the soil.

In this EPA video we visit Miltown, Co. Kerry during the 2016 Farm Hazardous Waste collection campaign.