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Impermeable Area Surveys are a central part of effective surface rainwater drainage and are conducted to create an understanding of the drainage of roofs, concrete and road surfaces and other impermeable areas. They are a vital tool in effective sewer network and flood management. ENVA are a leading company in the delivery of Impermeable Area Surveys, with a highly trained and experienced team of in house operatives.

Depending on the client’s requirements, a test rate of 5%-100% can be sampled to gain an understanding of the network over large areas. Dye testing is used to assist in locating the destination of water from the impermeable areas. With a full suite of drain cleaning units along with technical knowledge, Enva provide a one stop shop for all network services from cleaning, flow and load surveys, impermeable areas surveys, CCTV surveys, sewer network condition surveys and GPS capabilities. We have a proven track record of providing these services across industrial, municipal and domestic settings with unrivaled experience and range of services provided.

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