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Advanced Oxidation

Enva has installed a state-of-the-art Advanced Oxidation system at our EPA licensed facility in Shannon. We are the sole Irish agents for this exciting technology, which is developed by Enviolet, and applied around the world in many applications.

Our plant includes 2 separate advanced oxidation units, along with 500 m3 of bulk storage capacity, so that we can deal with a variety of wastes in an individual manner.

This exciting development allows us to offer new treatment solutions to our customers for a wide variety of aqueous wastes, including the following applications:

  • Aqueous organic wastes from the pharmaceutical, chemical and medical device industries. Many waste streams from these industries contain high amounts of water, but are contaminated with non-biodegradable materials and/or APIs. The current practice is typically incineration of such wastes, which involves export and high costs. Our new system uses UV and oxidation chemistry to destruct the complex organic species in aqueous waste, and to render them biodegradable.
  • COD Reduction – reduction of COD and elimination of toxic substances to increase the bio-availability of the treated wastewater. This allows the system to be used as a pre-treatment step prior to our biological treatment plant.
  • Elimination of active substances – by selective elimination of functional chemicals we can supply an economical solution for the destruction of active substances in chemical and pharmaceutical waste waters.
  • Metal finishing and surface treatment applications – e.g. copper/nickel bath recycling, zinc/nickel/electroless nickel/copper waste chelate elimination as well as the treatment and detoxification of cyanide contaminated wastewater.

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