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Enviolet UV Systems

While our new installation is a first for Ireland; the technology has been employed successfully around the world.

Enviolet® UV oxidation systems are designed and manufactured in Germany, for whom Enva are partners in Ireland. (For further information see

Since 1997, these systems have been employed in more than 500 locations across industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, aircraft, automotive, surface treatment, metal finishing and waste management.

Key feature of this system are as follows:
  • Enviolet® UV oxidation systems combine state of the art UV technology with additional chemical and physical process steps to create an innovative solution for the destruction of unwanted organic contaminants in wastewater.
  • Enviolet® oxidation reactors redefine industrial standards. Robust pipes of borosilicate form the casing of our industrial reactors. This prevents corrosion and allows viewing of the reactor chamber along its entire length. In addition, the electronic performance control we utilise tunes the light characteristic by chip-card, guarantees optimal UV output and also increases lamp life. Special flow devices create a rotational flow with high turbulence, customer specified design of the reaction chamber ensures that the optimum oxidation level is achieved.
  • Enviolet® systems can be provided as a turnkey package, including skid-mounted units and compact units also for smaller applications. The units come complete with all technical components (measuring, controlling, dosing, cooling, tank construction, pipe-work etc.). The systems also come with user-friendly touch-screen PLC with visualisation of the process.

Enva are pleased to offer an offsite treatment solution for our customers using the Enviolet system at Shannon. However, we would also be pleased to discuss the onsite placement of such units at any customer sites.