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Suitability Assessments

To determine whether Advanced Oxidation is a suitable treatment option for a waste stream, Enva will work closely with our existing and potential customers to ensure that a clear and accurate proposal can be put in place (incl. treatment results, treatment capacity, etc).

As a first step, we will review the waste stream with the customer, understand the specific aims of the customer and gather the relevant analytical data. We will then be able to advise the customer whether the waste is suitable in principle for treatment using the Enviolet® system.

The next step would be a full laboratory scale trial on the waste stream, carried out on a small trial version of a full scale plant. This laboratory trial will allow us to determine if the waste can be treated successfully, and will give budget costs associated. We can also return treated samples at this point to the customer if they wish to carry out specific tests to satisfy themselves.

Provided the first steps are successful we would then move to a pilot trial at our Enviolet® plant in Shannon, where we would confirm results and costs.

Finally then we would offer a full-scale commercial proposal to the customer, including any specific requirements to individual needs.