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Services Provided by Enva

Enva is licensed by the EPA to accept soils contaminated with a range of pollutants, such as heavy metals, diesel range organics, petrol range organics, mineral oils, etc.

We provide a number of services that allow natural processes to decontaminate that soil by breaking down hydrocarbon compounds, after which the soil can be safely recycled by using it as fill or topsoil.

Services include:

  • Bio-remediation (Treatment)

Bio-remediation of contaminated soil uses living organisms to remove pollutants, including hydrocarbons, from soil. It can be carried out ex-situ in the Enva purpose-built facility in Portlaoise, where the basic process consists of a number of different stages.

In-situ or Ex-situ treatment can deal with higher levels of contamination and more difficult soil types. It also allows for immediate removal of contaminated soil so that development of the site can continue.

Once treated, soils are disposed of through a variety of routes, which are pre-agreed with the EPA.

  • Stabilisation

Stabilisation is a chemical and physical immobilisation technique, incorporating the use of specially formulated reagents, which can be applied for the effective remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater.This technology has been implemented successfully for gas works sites, petrol stations, industrial sites, etc.

Enva have received approval from the EPA for the stabilisation of contaminants in soil. This added technology has helped to expand our capabilities, allowing us to offer our customers alternative treatment options.

  • Direct Export

Enva have years of experience in exporting hazardous materials to the continent. Each facility used by Enva is fully licensed and we have the ability to offer a service of complete traceability of waste, from cradle to grave.

  • On-site Services

Enva has close working relations with a number of plant hire companies. This allows us to offer our customers an all-in-service including the following:

– Soil Sampling and Analysis
– Excavation
– Loading
– Haulage

  • Logistics Coordination

All excavation, loading transport, treatment, disposal or export and the preparation of the transportation documentation can be coordinated by Enva Soil Treatment.

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