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Laboratory Chemicals

The Hazardous Waste division of Enva offers a specialised handling, packaging, transportation and disposal service for removing excess, unused, deteriorated or out- of-date chemicals from laboratories.

We offer two service options:

Option 1

The laboratory / customer can provide a clear list of unwanted chemicals to Enva, after which we can assess the disposal costs and provide a detailed quotation for the treatment or neutralisation of these chemicals. Please note that it is important to include accurate information about the chemicals, so that we can put in place an accurate quotation as some chemicals can be much more expensive to dispose of than others.

In developing a disposal list, it is important to list the proper chemical name, the size of the container and the approximate amount present so that disposal options can be determined.

Option 2

A team of experienced chemical handlers will go on site. They will develop a list of the chemicals that we can accept, and following on from this, we can provide a detailed quotation based on your specific requirements.

Prior to collection, all laboratory waste must be segregated, contained and labeled correctly. Our chemical handlers can assist in this regard, and will ensure that all chemicals are packaged in line with ADR (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) regulations.