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Total Waste Management

With 24 years experience in the hazardous waste industry, Enva is ideally suited to offer multiple site services ranging from specialist hazardous waste treatment / disposal (in-house at our Shannon facility or at partner facilities in Europe), to wastewater treatment systems (incl. design and installations), dangerous goods safety advisor services, and laboratory analysis of waste streams.

Enva currently provides a Total Waste Management Service to many of the leading players in the life science and pharma-chem sectors in Ireland. This service includes the management of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams for these customers.

Key elements of this service include the following:

  • Provision of the appropriate infrastructure to handle the waste
  • Guidance and advice as to the appropriate packaging material needed to transport the various waste types
  • Drafting standard operating procedures for the handling and packaging of waste
  • Management of the collection and transportation of all the waste streams
  • Subsequent treatment, disposal and/or recycling of the waste
  • Traceability and auditing of all the third party sites involved
  • Provision of all necessary documentation
  • Fulfilllment of customer waste reporting requirements

With such contracts; Enva utilise established relationships with companies who specialise in non- hazardous waste, WEEE waste and bio-hazardous waste, so that we could control the movement and treatment / disposal of waste to these sites. Enva can take over responsibility for the traceability of all waste leaving sites, and establish structures that allow for speedy delivery of all relevant documentation back to our customer. We will also work closely with the customer to analyse all waste streams and continually strives to provide new and alternative methods to waste disposal, which saves costs and helps ensure that waste is managed in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.