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Air & Odour Control

Odour emissions from industrial practices and waste water treatment plants are under continuous regulatory and public scrutiny. Enva have a range of solutions, depending on the source and root cause of odour emission, to help companies remain compliant with their IPPC license requirements.

  • Air Scrubbing Systems. Enva represent Tholander GmbH , market leader in the design, installation, commission and aftercare of active air scrubber systems. Scrubber system types include; chemical, water, biotrickling, activated carbon and or a combination of scrubber types.
  • Photo-ionisation Systems. Enva are agents for Neutralox GmbH, a leading manufacturer of cutting edge odour control equipment. Neutralox works with physical-chemical treatment methods, which are not sensitive to environmental influences and allow for considerable high performance rates.
  • Activated Carbon – for removal of specific VOCs and other organic contamination. Enva are Irish agents for Jacobi Carbons
  • Odour Control Misting & Dosing Systems – for application at ground works stage of construction or as Boundary Spray Barrier Systems at sensitive sites
  • Odour Control Chemicals – Odourblock is a range of chemicals that Enva specialists apply for the prevention and or neutrailisation of offensive odours, i.e  odours that originate from sulphides or ammonia, sludge tanks, scrubbers, off gas etc