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We have invested in the latest technical innovations for our surveying services, in areas such as survey of sewer and storm water pipes, service ducts, bore holes and chimneys.

Foul, Process & Storm Water Drain Cleaning

A large proportion of our existing customers are subject to IPPC licensing, which in time places a requirement on these industries to ensure that their drainage network is in order and compliant with their EPA licence.

With this in mind; Enva can provide drain and sewer cleaning services to meet these requirements. We have a fleet of drain and sewer cleaning vehicles, which is supported by necessary equipment and resources necessary to undertake the works (incl. ATEX rated locations on any industrial / manufacturing facilities)

CCTV Drain & Sewer Surveys

Our service offering includes conducting quality drainage surveys of all pipe sizes, and providing detailed reports on same. These surveys are carried out using our robotic camera systems, which are controlled remotely from our CCTV unit. From his position in the CCTV unit; our operator can assess the condition of the pipe being surveyed, and highlight any defects in the line.

On completion of the survey, we provide a DVD and hard copy of our report, detailing the size, length and diameter of the pipe, along with defects (if any) graded and highlighted. Multiple copies of the DVD and report can be provided if required.

All of our surveys are carried out by suitably trained and qualified operators and our reports are produced to the latest Win Can standard. If required; we will gladly meet and go through the report with the customer, highlighting any items that need to be addressed.

See also our drainage rehabilitation service offering.