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Sample Project - Sludge Dewatering

Enva completed a sludge dewatering project that involved the removal and centrifuging of approx. 800m3 of settlement pond sludge from 2 cells of a 3 cell settlement pond (initially only 1 cell was to be completed, but the client decided to complete a second cell due to the successful nature of the works).

Enva provided a DISAB unit, jet vacuum unit, temporary storage tank, mobile centrifuge plant, loading shovel, polymer, 80KVA generator, temporary welfare facilities, and trained crew in order to minimise the volume of waste transported from site.

The mobile centrifuge plant was fully self contained, and included a polymer make up (liquid) and dosing system, feed pump, flow meter, macerator, and belt conveyor for skip filling.

Waste solids were deposited into a skip for temporary holding, and then transported by tipper truck to the Enva EPA licensed facility.

Wastewater after centrifuging was pumped to cell 3 of the settlement pond.

Further details regarding this project can gladly be supplied on request.