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DISAB High Power Vacuum

Enva’s DISAB Centurion LN/9-1812 HT provides an extremely powerful and versatile suction and blowing machine, which can be used for both wet and dry applications.

It has a hose system with a diameter of up to 200mm and provides a maximum vacuum of -900mbars. A telescopic boom with extension pipes reduces manual handling for high level work, while the machine also benefits from a low noise level (75 dBA at 7 metres distance) and a unique filter solution that reduces dust emissions to only 1,3 mg/m. The tank has a gross volume of 12,000 litres, while collected material can be discharged by tilting the tank or pneumatically through a hose.

Works using this machine are carried out by experienced operators, further ensuring that work is carried out in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

This machine has the benefit of a high tip capacity enabling waste to be bulked up on site and removed in one shipment, all of which means less time spent on site, and significant cost savings for our customers. We can act at short notice to emergency requirements, offering the machine on a project or day rate to suit individual customer requirements.

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