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High Pressure Jetting

The most effective way to rid a drain pipe of deposits such as grease, sand, silt and roots, is high pressure water jetting.

We have a range of high pressure water jetting equipment, including a fleet of drain cleaning units with large volume water storage tanks, to bring sewers / drain lines back to like-new condition without having to actually replace the line. Strong jets of water remove the deposits from the pipe wall. These deposits are flushed out of the pipe and the drain is returned to a free flowing condition.

Our combined jetting and high vacuum drain cleaning units are specifically designed to remove heavy debris and even boulders from depths of up to 50 metres. They have a range of 500 metres and can jet up to 3,000 pressure per square inch (psi). They are suitable for pipes of all sizes including large culverts. Pump stations, holding tanks, separators, interceptors and industrial maintenance projects are all within the scope of these most up to date units.

Our units can also run root cutters and chain flails, which are used to extract roots from pipelines. We also use specialised spinning nozzles, which are set on a stabiliser to guarantee a cleaning action around the entire diameter of the pipe. This removes grease and/or encrustation, leaving the pipe surface polished and allowing water to flow unimpeded.