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UV Water Treatment

Enva are suppliers of UV systems from atg UV for over 12 years.

atg UV Technology is a clear market leader for ground water and surface water UV disinfection. With a large range of independently validated UV systems to the US EPA UVDGM (2006) protocols and NWRI Drinking Water and Water Reuse protocols, atg UV Technology can offer both low pressure amalgam and medium pressure UV solutions for flows of 1 m3/hr to over 5,000 m3/hr

Our vast experience with drinking water applications world wide allows atg UV Technology to provide tailored solutions to meet almost any specification.

For drinking water applications, atg UV Technology validated UV systems are sized to deliver a standard 40 mJ/cm2 RED UV Dose, or a 3 log (99.9%) to 5 log (99.999%) reduction of Cryptosporidium. For specialist applications, such as Adenovirus, UV doses of 120 mJ/cm2 RED are available. Standard drinking applications include:

  • Surface water UV disinfection.
  • Ground water and borehole UV disinfection.
  • Cryptosporidium Protection
  • Adenovirus Protection
  • DWI (Great Britain Drinking Water Inspectorate) Validated UV System Upgrades

All systems are sized in accordance with USEPA validation guidelines, with full technical support and backup services available directly from the manufacturer to the client.