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Wastewater Treatment

Enva has pioneered the establishment of dense short rotation willow plantations for fuel production and waste water recycling.

The plantations grow excellently in the temperate climate and have a very high transpiration and growth rate. They need large volumes of water and nutrients as they grow.

To deliver required water and nutrients, the plantations can be irrigated in a controlled fashion with problem liquids such as washings, leachates and waste water from industrial or municipal producers.

The system acts as a very effective and robust bio-filter, evaporating off the water and converting the useful nutrients into wood, which is then harvested for fuel. Controlled irrigation of such liquids has the advantage of fertilising the crop to increase fuel yields while at the same time solving an issue for the waste producer.

With correct and experienced operation, there is no outflow to surface or groundwater, giving a ‘zero discharge’ system. This makes it an ideal system to use if there is any issue with a standard discharge licence to local receiving waters. The technology is well established in other EU countries and we are working closely with the Environmental Authorities, Dept. of Environment and Local Authorities.

We have proven the techniques over the past five years.

To view a case study operating for a 600 person waste water effluent system in Donard, Co. Wicklow, please click here >>

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