Our Team
Experienced, Capable,
Dependable, Professional

We are an established team of over 200 professionals equipped, trained and ready to serve your industrial waste and water requirements.


A senior technical consultant with 20 years’ experience in Enva, Shane McGarry works closely with our clients in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage sectors to ensure waste water IPPC compliance and Waste Water Treatment Plant optimization.

& Dependable

Working with Enva since 1997, Ann Marie O’Connell is responsible for managing the logistics and sales administration aspects of our hazardous waste division. Anne Marie helps tailor our solutions to particular client needs and also manages large hazardous waste projects.

Strong Field

With over 35 years’ service in our waste oil business, Dick Connell’s knowledge of and relationship with our customers is unrivalled. In addition to the nationwide collection of waste oil, Dick also co-ordinates the servicing and maintenance of the collection fleet.

Enva jumped through hoops to provide their diligent, professional, specialist help.
- Declan McCrory, Facilities Manager, Sandvik
Our Facilities
6 licensed sites. 4 laboratories.
Extensive Facilities Underpin Our Capability

An extensive network of licensed facilities underpins our capability to deliver comprehensive, dependable, advanced waste and water management solutions. We operate 6 licensed sites and 4 laboratories, and are accredited to Safety Management Standard OHSAS 18001, the Environmental Standard ISO 14001 and the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001.

  • Advanced Oxidation Process plant for aqueous waste recovery
  • Soil treatment and separation technology for soil remediation
  • Physico-chemical treatment for hazardous waste treatment
  • Waste oil processing and recovery facilities
  • Specialised microbiological and toxicity testing

More About Our Facilities

We just don’t have to worry about our hazardous waste. It’s all taken care of by Enva. They’re organised, capable and very dependable.
- Ruben Rivas May, Logistics Manager, Kostal
Our Fleet & Equipment
Extensive, Specialist
Fleet & Equipment
We operate a fleet of more than 130 multipurpose vehicles and an extensive range of specialist equipment.
  • DISAB Vacuum trucks delivering powerful and versatile suction/blowing power
  • KSA mobile sludge dewatering units for volume reduction
  • Jet Vacuum Tankers for liquid collection and high-powered jetting
  • Latest robotic CCTV technology for fast, extensive, accurate drain surveying
  • Breathing Apparatus Trailers for a mobile source of breathing air
We went from 7 waste contractors to 1. So much
easier now, 1 contract, 1 PO, 1 invoice, 1 contact.
- EHS Manager, Medical Devices Company
Recovery Experts
Waste recovery a win for all
Pushing the boundaries of waste recovery

We have the expertise, facilities and capability to recover the majority of the waste resources we collect and each year we discover and establish new recovery opportunities. We develop and use the most advanced physical, biological and chemical methods to treat and recover waste.

How waste recovery benefits your operation:
your waste processing costs.
your use of landfill.
your reputation.
your sustainability credentials.
+ Million
Litres of fuel from waste oil
recovered over the past 5 years.
Tonnes of contaminated soil recovered from building sites and polluted industrial areas last year.
See more of what we recover
  • Waste oil converted to fuel for the asphalt industry & steam raising boilers
  • Organic sludges recovered to make fertilisers and soil improvers
  • Contaminated soils recovered to make useful aggregates and inert soil
  • Waste chemicals recovered to make flocculants for waste water treatment
  • Lead acid batteries recovered to provide clean, usable lead
  • Waste paint and cans converted to recycled metals and fuel
  • Hazardous plastic drums washed and converted to clean, shredded plastic
The Value

Efficient, clean, safe & compliant

Run a clean, safe, compliant and efficient operation, while minimising your environmental impact. We’ll help take care of your waste and water requirements so you can focus on your core operation, sure in the knowledge that all is properly treated, processed and documented.
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Recycling
  • Sustainability
  • Costs
  • Risks
  • Waste
  • Interruptions
  • Environmental Impact
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