Carberry Group

Carberry Group

Ensuring Compliance with Licence Parameters

Carbery Group is a global leader in food ingredients, flavours and cheese. Headquartered in Cork, Ireland; they provide nutritional solutions to customers worldwide.

Client Issue

Performance issues at Waste Water Treatment Plant

Enva were contacted by Carbery Milk Products because they were experiencing issues relating to the performance of their waste water treatment plant.

Within 7 days, the treatment plant was back within all licensed discharge parameters.

Enva Approach

Tailored Solutions

After a site visit, we determined that the underlying issue related to high MLSS in the aeration carrousels along with high suspended solids, COD and elevated ammonia levels in the final effluent.

Enva worked with the client to provide and implement a tailored solution. We provided a mobile dewatering KSA unit with filter skips to reduce the biomass in the carrousels, which in turn reduced the solids to normal operating levels.  To combat the elevated concentrations of ammonia present, we biologically augmented the aeration carrousels with Ammoxider UC at a specified addition rate. Within 72 hours the ammonia levels had reduced from the elevated levels to <1 ppm.

Additional operational expertise was provided to optimise the centrifuge dewatering system with the specific aim of reducing the solids returning to the plant.  By applying our experience in selecting and applying polyelectrolytes we successfully reduced the centrate solid return from 1654mg/l to 108mg/l.

Liaising with the Environmental Plant Manager, we created a WWTP daily operational calculation spread sheet allowing operators to input daily analytical data which prompted them to make operational changes to maintain the F:M ratio and plan wasting campaigns accurately.


Optimal Performance after just 1 week

Within a 7 day period of our corrective actions and recommended operational changes, the waste water treatment plant was back within all licensed discharge parameters. We continue to work with the Carbery Group monitoring performance, providing recommendations and improving overall plant performance.