We offer a full range of site decommissioning and site decontamination services with expertise across many industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, aeronautics, defence, manufacturing, engineering, R&D and education.  Our experience covers hazardous and non-hazardous facilities.

Site Decontamination

Our teams are experienced in the cleaning of contaminated sites, including chemical, acids and hydrocarbon cleaning. The process involves a a site survey, identification of the contaminants and developing a decontamination plan with associated method statements and risk assessments. We transfer all waste to our licensed facilities for treatment.

Site Decommissioning

Our expert crews deliver clean, safe and compliant site decommissioning. This includes the cleaning and removal (if required) of tanks, chambers, vessels, pipes, lagoons etc. All waste is transported to our licenced facilities and managed to minimise any environmental impact. Full site CCTV surveys can be undertaken to ensure all drains and lines are free of containments.

Specialised Pharmaceutical Decontamination Services

Our expert partners Curium are a leader in chemical decommissioning and emergency response. Through our shared pool of expertise and resources we deliver dependable, specialised services that guarantee complete site decontamination.

Before commencing decontamination work, there is a full turnkey diagnosis of the production units, equipment or complete facility. This diagnosis enables mapping of the contamination and informs the implementation of the correct decontamination methods and procedures.

Treated contaminants include:
  • Carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction, toxic API
  • Highly reactive components (dust and explosive molecule, ammonia etc.) and allergenic compounds
  • Radioactive components (low activity)
  • Hazardous bacteria, moulds, spores, (staphylococcus aureus, aspergillus clostridium), infectious protein (prion)
Gas Services

Curium and Enva have extensive experience in the back-fitting, discharge and maintenance of gas equipment including:

  • Preparation for the inspection and requalification of gas tanks and equipment under pressure
  • Discharge or transfer of gaseous and liquefied phases on site or in case of an emergency
  • Inerting and gas-out value of installations
  • Recovery and/or disposal of products with the appropriate treatment solutions
Hazardous Waste
Decontamination Works Following Site Closure

Lufthansa Technik Airmotive Ireland needed full site decontamination works following the closure of their Irish site. The site had to be free of any hazardous chemicals or contaminants including tanks, plant and equipment contaminants.

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