A range of sludge services including sludge dewatering, collection, treatment and recovery. Reliable, professional and compliant, minimising your impact on the environment and reducing waste management costs.

Sludge Services

We provide a range of sludge services for waste water treatment plants including dewatering, collection, treatment and recovery. We ensure our clients run clean, efficient and compliant operations, while minimising their environmental impact.

Organic Sludge Recovery

We are fully committed to waste recovery, helping out clients to minimise their impact on the environment. Our sludge recovery solutions are fully traceable and compliant. We transfer, treat and recover over 100,000 tonnes of organic material each year and manage a farmer landbank of over 15,000 hectares. Employing the latest technologies in composting, lime stabilisation, digestion and thermal treatment for the beneficial re-use of organic material, our recovered fertiliser is fully compliant with EU standards and Good Practice guidelines.

Environmental Monitoring & Nutrient Planning

We provide comprehensive environmental monitoring including soil/organic waste product testing, hydrogeological assessments, and agronomy advice. Our nutrient management plans include full, detailed plans for each land parcel, complete traceability of each recycled load, and a fully auditable monthly report.

Sludge Dewatering

Onsite dewatering minimises the need for offsite transportation of sludge and reduces overall waste management costs. We offer a range of mobile sludge dewatering options for dealing with waste water treatment, settlement pond and filter bed waste. Using AVC dewatering units, mobile decanters and mobile centrifuge plants, dewatering will result in a substantial volume reduction of sludge, with solid content ranging from 10% to 15% or higher in some cases. A safe, professional and cost effective solution.

Alum Sludge

We manage the alum sludge generated from the treatment of over a half a billion litres of water annually.  Our sludge collection services include the compliant transport of alum sludge to our licenced facilities where it can be processed, treated and stored pending bulk recovery.

Water Services
Sludge Recovery Solutions

Northumbrian Water Projects Ltd. required a recovery solution for thermally treated sludge granules from the waste water treatment plant in Carrigrenan, Cork City, Ireland.

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Tonnes of dewatered organic
sludge recovered as a
sustainable fertiliser last year.
billion +
Litres of potable water alum
sludge treated per annum.
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