Sustainability Report 2021

Our 2021 Sustainability Report demonstrates how we have saved ten times more carbon from sustainably managing customers’ waste than we have produced from our own operation. This figure has increased from eight times in 2020.  

Highlights from the report, which details the company’s investment in resource recovery solutions and the work it undertakes across a wide range of sectors, include: 

  • 346,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided through the sustainable recovery of customers’ waste and implementation of circular economy principles
  • 324,000 tonnes of waste derived fuels produced
  • £6m investment to date in digital transformation
  • 70% of operational sites rated as ‘Excellent’ for compliance 
  • Plans to consolidate social value activities into a separate charitable framework

“This performance is a credit to the whole Enva team, our customers and partners. The significant improvement in CO2 avoidance is even more impressive give the continued operational challenges presented by the global pandemic. We remain fully committed to maximising our role in the development of the Circular Economy and the battle against climate change and will continue to innovate and invest to increase our resource recovery capability.” 

- Tom Walsh, CEO

Sustainability Report 2021