Radioactive waste management services

Enva is the only company in Ireland offering Radioactive Waste Management Services and is licensed by the RPII to transport, store and export radioactive material (Licence No. 3238-2601-14). We are licensed for the custody, exportation, handling and transportation for the following radioactive waste materials.

  • Radioactive sealed sources
  • Thorium & Uranium compounds

Our qualified personnel will assess the source/compound and provide suitable overpacks. Enva will pack the material and provide all required labels and placards for the compliant transport of the waste.

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  • The manufacturer of the compound
  • The size of the container holding the compound e.g. 100g
  • The quantity of compound in the container, e.g. 50g
  • The type of container e.g. plastic, glass, etc.

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  • The radionuclide involved e.g. Am-241, Cs-137, Ra-226, Sr-90, Th-232 etc.
  • The activity of the source in MBq or mCi
  • The manufacturer of the source
  • The serial number of the source
  • Dimensions of the source container
  • The weight of the source container
  • A photograph of the source container

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