Liquid Waste Treatment

Enva collects and accepts hazardous liquids and aqueous waste from industries across the biopharma, utility, municipal, industrial and marine industries. We work with our customers to identify environmentally sound and cost effective solutions, selecting the most appropriate treatment process for your liquid waste.  

These include:

  • Physico- Chemical Treatment 
  • Evaporation/Distillation Treatment 
  • Centrifugation (Mechanical Treatment) 
  • Acid/Base Neutralisation 

We treat and mange a wide range of hazardous and specialist waste including 

  • Aqueous Waste 
  • Acid/Alkali Waste 
  • Waste Oils 
  • Industrial Liquid Waste 
  • Industrial Wastewater  
  • Interceptor Waste 
  • Leachate 
  • Neutralised Waste 
  • OBM Mud/Slops 
  • Oil Contaminated Water 
  • Oil Spill Wastes 
  • Passivation Waste 
  • Waste Effluent from Surface Water Drains 
  • Marine Wastes 

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