Filtration technologies and solutions

We offer a wide range of filtration technologies and solutions for municipal and industrial applications for potable water and wastewater. This includes pre-filtration for MF, UF, NF and RO membranes, UV and tertiary treatment, and polishing.

Partnering with world leading filtration experts Amiad Water Systems, we can provide an unrivalled range of filtration solutions for demanding and diverse requirements. We work closely with our clients to address their specific requirements and meet the challenges presented by different water sources, outlet requirements and working conditions.

Innovative technologies

Working with Amiad, we provide the latest in innovative filtration technologies – screen, disc and microfiber self-cleaning filters. We offer manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic filters composed of polymeric and/or steel materials.

Suction-Scanning Screen Technology

Suction-scanning technology combines focused flush with automation to provide self-cleaning of a multi-layered stainless steel screen to ensure high efficiency filtration. The screen assembly allows the accumulating filter cake to be rapidly and totally removed and the suction-scanning technology uses less than 1% of the total process water for cleaning.

The self-cleaning cycle is triggered by the accumulation of suspended solids (filter cake) on the screen surface, as measured by the pressure differential. Therefore, cleaning is performed “as needed” – resulting in minimal water and energy waste. Suction-scanning technology eliminates the need for isolating the filter during the self-cleaning cycle. This focused cleaning and the minimal exhaust requirement allow for uninterrupted process flow.

Disc Technology – Spin Klin

Disc filtration solutions carry out depth and surface filtration leading to high particle holding capacity, effective cleaning and consistent filtration results. The unique disc filtration and backwash technology uses thin, color-coded discs of varied micron sizes. The discs are grooved on both sides, in opposite directions, creating a series of crossing points that trap the particles, thereby creating a depth filtration element. Each filter assembly in a multi-unit system is cleaned individually, allowing the other filters to continue operating during the backwash process.

Microfiber Technology

Textile fibres are widely used for fine filtration in the disposable cartridge filter market. The Amiad AMF2 filter uses fibre thread technology to create a self-cleaning filter system. Fine microfibers wound in layers around grooved plastic form the thread cassettes, providing filtration to a fine degree with an efficient self-cleaning system.

The newly developed filters are efficient for Drinking Water filtration, including the removal of Cryptosporidium, as well as for Swimming Pools, Reverse Osmosis protection, Cooling Tower side stream filtration for Legionella reduction, etc.

Filtration Applications

  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Compressor Cooling Industry
  • Bore Hole Extraction Treatment
  • Industrial Plastic Extrusion
  • Medical Devices

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