Odour Abatement

Run clean, safe, and compliant operations 

Odour emissions from industrial practices and waste water treatment plants are under continuous regulatory and public scrutiny. We have a range of odour abatement solutions, depending on the source and root cause of odour emission, to help companies remain compliant with their IE/IPPC license requirements.

Air Scrubbing Systems

We represent Tholander GmbH, a market leader in the design, installation, commission and aftercare of active air scrubber systems. Scrubber system types include: chemical, water, biotrickling, activated carbon and or a combination of scrubber types.

Photo-ionisation Systems

We are agents for Neutralox GmbH, a specialist manufacturer of cutting edge odour control equipment. Neutralox provides a physical-chemical treatment technology. It does not require chemicals, has a small footprint, low operational and maintenance cost and is not sensitive to varying loads.

Activated Carbon 

Activated carbon ensures removal of specific VOCs and other organic contamination. We are Irish agents for industry specialists Jacobi Carbons.

Odour Control Misting & Dosing Systems

These systems are installed at the ground works stage of construction or as boundary spray barrier systems at sensitive sites.

Odour Control Chemicals

We supply a range of chemicals for the purpose of offensive odour abatement e.g. hydrogen sulphides, mercaptan and ammonia. Our expert team assess the odour source to identify the most appropriate solution and subsequent effective application.

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