Environment Matters

Our planet's resources are precious and scarce. The way we live and the expectations of a consumption driven society are magnifying the problem. Recycling, reusing and recovering the waste that we generate can go a long way to addressing these issues. At Enva we are committed to Recycling and Resource Recovery; it forms the basis of our business strategy and our values. We support the life cycle of waste products to provide either a second life, such as the production of energy or, in many cases, closed-loop recycling solutions. We also provide a complete portfolio of water and waste water services. Our dedication to developing new and innovative products and solutions and extending the lifecycle of the world's resources is driving our business forward, saving energy and saving resources.

Waste Management is no longer an accurate description of forward-looking organisations in this industry. Our mantra of Recycling & Resource Recovery, backed by an obsession to innovate, is driving our ever-growing range of products and solutions. Better processes and new techniques are allowing us to sustainably manage waste materials from a host of consumer, commercial and industrial sources. We don’t simply collect waste, we transform it. Our environment really does matter.