Waste water

Enva offer expert services and products across the entire municipal and industrial waste water treatment process, from the reception of waste waters right the way through to final treated effluent. Our customers benefit from this deep knowledge and product range, backed up by our comprehensive and fully accredited water labs.

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Enva have partnered with Next Filtration UK to bring the NFS technology to the market. Rather than introducing foreign enzymes and bacteria as has been the traditional methodology in this area, Next FOG Stop is designed to stimulate the existing bacteria to rapidly breakdown fats, oils and grease present in the sewer and also to control hydrogen sulphide generation.

The formula is less costly and more sustainable when compared to expensive bacteria/enzyme treatments that generally provide short term local effects, but not long term benefits – particularly downstream of the addition points. If there aren’t sufficient indigenous bacteria present, then there is a problem with the existing environmental conditions, adding bacteria and enzymes as a consequence is unlikely to have much effect.

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With over 150 different activated carbons available within our range, we evaluate our client’s specific requirements through laboratory analysis of spent material and analysis of the waste stream in both vapour and liquid phase. This analysis allows us to specify a grade of activated carbon which will give the optimum performance on site followed by full technical support from our expert teams.

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An in-depth knowledge of waste water treatment processes coupled with technical expertise across a range of industries allow us to diagnose issues and develop tailored biological augmentation solutions for our clients. Our experienced teams will then continue with dedicated follow up and monitoring.

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Odour emissions from industrial practices and waste water treatment plants are under continuous regulatory and public scrutiny. We have a range of odour abatement solutions, depending on the source and root cause of odour emission, to help companies remain compliant with their IE/IPPC license requirements.

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Selecting the correct chemical product to optimise waste water treatment processes requires an in-depth knowledge of the chemistry involved. Our team combines this expertise, years of experience and cutting edge technology to produce the right solution for every situation.

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It is now widely recognised that relying on population, hydraulic data or historical information when building or upgrading an effluent plant can lead to serious plant deficiencies once operational. In particular, the design of biological effluent plants requires sound base data, as ultimately these plants contain a living bio-system which thrives on consistency.

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