Disinfection & Tank cleaning

Enva offers safe and reliable tank cleaning, decommissioning and testing via a portfolio of tank maintenance services. Fully compliant, with a focus on detailed site safety and emergency procedures, customised tank maintenance programs are developed to our clients exacting requirements.

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Disinfection services:

  • Hydrocarbon tanks contaminated with aviation fuels, diesel, kerosene, light, medium and heavy oil
  • Tanks containing chemicals, acids and alkalis, glycols, food grade products
  • Grease tanks
  • Bitumen tanks
  • Sewage and process effluent tanks
  • Water retention and storage tanks
  • Anaerobic digestors

Micro organism contamination can lead to costly downtimes for industry. Traditional methods for controlling microbiological growth in water tanks and pipework consist of regular chemical dosing, hot water sanitisation and constant microbiological quality monitoring.

However by utilising our advanced UV tank disinfection technology, microbial growth is inhibited and there is no biofilm build-up. This chemical free solution results in increased plant productivity and decreased operating costs for all tanks with static and varying filling levels.

  • Climatic chambers (scrubber and humidifiers)
  • Cooling towers
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical industry
  • Surface technology
  • Drinking water storage

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Water cooling towers create microbial growth, biofilm build-up and the build-up of mineral deposits. The most common approach to dealing with this is the use of a variety of toxic chemicals. Our alternative solution is conditionning the water in cooling towers through the combination of high energetic UV-lamps and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. The approach offers many technical and economic advantages.

  • Reduced number & volume of chemicals required
  • Reduced corrosion or increased salt-load
  • Elimination of bromine and chlorine based biocides.
  • No Build-up of bio resistances
  • No separate treatment of blow-down water required (No AOX)
  • Lower operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly

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