Recycling & Resource recovery

Recovering and recycling the waste we generate conserves our precious natural resources, reduces environmental impact and supports the development of a more circular economy. Enva converts as much waste as possible into new materials, products and energy sources, diverting it from landfill and helping our customers realise both commercial and environmental benefits.

We strive to provide closed-loop recycling solutions whereby waste materials are separated and recovered as secondary resources or used in the manufacture of new products. Where this is not possible, they are used as a fuel in the production of sustainable energy.

Whether it’s producing recycled glass cullet for new bottles, aggregates for the construction industry or energy from waste oil, very little of what we collect is sent to landfill. Our continual investment in research and development allows us to recover even more waste materials from a host of consumer, commercial and industrial sources. We don’t simply collect waste - we transform it.

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We don't simply collect waste - we transform it