Industrial cleaning products

Enva supplies a range of bespoke biological and chemical cleaning products and detergents to distributers, resellers and industrial customers. These products are environmentally friendly, non toxic and biodegradable, using different blends of microorganisms, bacteria or chemicals to target odours, dirt and grime, fats, greases and organic wastes. 

We also have a range of immediately available products and services that can slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus through essential hygiene management.  

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Our natural cleaning products include:

  • BioDegreaser
  • A Plus/ C Plus cleaner
  • Carpet & Upholstery cleaner
  • BioOdour control
  • OdourFree
  • Bio Gel Sock

Bio-Degreaser is a bio enhancement product for preventing the build-up of troublesome grease and fats in restaurants, hotels, canteens, food halls etc. It is also effective in drainage systems and waste water treatment plants. It biologically digests grease and organic waste build up by turning it into CO2 and water. Enva provides a complete treatment system combining product and a fully automatic dispensing pump to ensure the correct application.

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Bio formulated cleaning solutions for the safe, effective removal of all grease, grime and dirt from multi composite surfaces and floors. It also acts a powerful deodoriser.

  • The C-plus solution is commonly used on external surfaces due to its higher pH, e.g. Large Commercial Vehicles. 
  • A-plus has a neutral pH and is more commonly used on internal surfaces

Enva can tailor the product blend to customers’ specific requirements and can vary the levels of pH depending on requirements. Our Plus and Plus Cleaners are non-hazardous, biodegradable and safe to dispose of into drainage systems.

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A general purpose carpet cleaner that can be sprayed onto carpets or used through a carpet cleaning machine. The product is very effective in removing dirt, grease, grime and oil, it’s also pH netural.

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A non-toxic blend of biodegradable, natural active agents that rapidly removes organic compounds and odours from tanks, tankers, septic systems, air duct vents, GRUs grease interceptors, gullies, drains and skips and storage areas. BioOdour can be applied direct to the odour source or can be sprayed onto contaminated areas with a knap sack.

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An environmentally friendly, portable toilet additive with concentrated fragrance. Examples of use include caravans, buses, trains and boats. Odour free it works at its optimum efficiency during conditions of continual hot weather. This is a major benefitting factor for toilet hire firms and boat owners  that are repeatedly called out when the chemical additives they have used have been become exhausted and foul odours prevail.

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A biological oil absorbent sock that contains specific oil degrading micro-organisms. It is recommended for the treatment of oil water separators, bunds and run-offs in garages, forecourts, car parks, haulage yards and industrial sites. The Bio Gel Sock promotes high discharge water quality with the available nutrients positively impacting biochemical and chemical oxygen demand.

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ECOSAN is a powerful concentrated disinfectant sanitizer for use on all food preparation surfaces and food processing equipment, walls, floors, laboratories and other high-risk areas. The product contains an ingredient called Vantocil and can be used to disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Formulated for its broad spectrum antibacterial and virucidal properties, ECOSAN provides an unsurpassed, safe and effective replacement for conventional cleaners, bleaches and disinfectants. Being water based, ECOSAN is safe and easy to use, with no unwanted side effects such as taint, smell or handling hazards.

Areas of application include public transport, airlines, sterile laboratory, office desks, hotel and catering kitchens, surgical benches, dentistry appliances, veterinary clinics, nursing homes and restaurants.

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Hand sanitiser liquid and gel waste is classed as a hazardous waste in large quantities, due to its flammability, arising from the product’s alcohol content. Enva provides solutions for the safe, compliant disposal of large quantities of alcohol-based hand sanitiser liquids, gels, and wipes. Read more

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