Biological Augmentation

An in-depth knowledge of waste water treatment processes coupled with technical expertise across a range of industries allow us to diagnose issues and develop tailored biological augmentation solutions for our clients. Our experienced teams will then continue with dedicated follow up and monitoring.

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  • Ammonia removal
  • Nitrate removal
  • Post toxic shock recovery/reseeding
  • Anaerobic direction optimisation

We have introduced a new advanced range of micro-organism which offers revolutionary removal of ammonia from waste water. Our product is the only natural product to initially metabolize ammonia through a novel biological process which is not nitrification. Significant changes appear in as little as 48-96 hours which compares favourably to the time lag normally associated with establishing or re-establishing the nitrifying bacteria mass, e.g., Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas.

Our ammonia removal products are effective in extreme environmental conditions working in high and low temperatures and across a wide pH band.

Excess nitrates can cause eutrophication and are toxic to aquatic life so they need to be removed from waste water. Our de-nitrifying bacterium ensure effective nitrate removal, converting nitrate to gaseous nitrogen, with this inert form of nitrogen then released to air.

Changes in operating conditions such as loading, temperature, pH and the inherent characteristics of waste water can lead to adverse conditions for the microbiological population of the activated sludge system. The effects of operating parameters disruption can result in poor settlement, lower BOD breakdown, foam and scum build up; all of which can lead to compliance and efficiency issues.

Our biomass builder kits can be used as part of the overall remedy for many of these issues, assisting in the recovery of the activated sludge micro-organisms and the demise of unwanted bacteria and conditions. It is vital that these products are used in conjunction with identifying and resolving the source of the original problem.

We have introduced a new advanced range of micro-organism for anaerobic digestion, providing optimal operation of anaerobic digestion, with over 90% COD removal and gas yields achieved. Our range of products contain extremophile micro-organisms that are effective in extreme environmental conditions operating in a broad pH and temperature range.