Bio-Augmentation products

An in-depth knowledge of waste water treatment processes coupled with technical expertise across a range of industries allow us to diagnose issues and develop tailored biological augmentation solutions for our customers. Our experienced teams will then continue with dedicated follow up and monitoring.

Healthy fish depend on healthy water conditions and healthy water conditions depend on the presence of beneficial micro-organisms that maintain the eco-balance. When water conditions are out of balance, the potential for problems can exist and worsen very quickly.

No matter how technically advanced the equipment is in a recirculating or static land based aquaculture system, it is still an artificial environment prone to water quality problems. Even the normal processes will eventually cause the system to become unbalanced, allowing unfriendly bacteria to multiply and negatively impact water quality. This, inevitably, leads to bacterial infestations which affect the health of fish.

Enva has the solution - Bio-Augmentation. The use of probiotic non pathogen good bacteria to maintain healthy water conditions. Our unique range of products contain Class 1 micro-organisms called extremophiles that function in a wide range of normal and hostile water conditions. They can significantly improve the biological action of other bacteria operating within the process and speed up containment removal rates.

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Micro-organism products for waste water treatment:

  • FIRST bio
  • BIO one
  • POND plus
  • PRO bio
  • NITRO plus

This blend of microorganism quickly provides a biological foundation and will improve any existing biological functions. FirstBio removes CO2, Ammonia, Sulphur, Nitrite, Nitrate and Phosphate in fresh and salt water environments. It also reduces the build-up of organic wastes such as fish faeces, uneaten food and organic debris.


In fish hatcheries and brood stock facilities BioOne will improve the aquatic environment and reduce the effect of stress. This leads to improved feed conversion rations, better growth rates and reduced mortalities. In fish transport, the addition of BioOne to transport water will prevent ammonia and nitrate dissolved in the water from reaching toxic levels.


This blend of micro-organism is a biological sludge remover for ponds. The bacteria use the organic wastes and nutrients, either in suspension in water or as sediment on the pond/aquarium bottom for their growth, performing a natural cleaning process in the water.


ProBio+ is water quality enhancer for aquariums. This blend of bacteria improves the properties of the indigenous micro-flora decreasing the population density of pathogens thus improving water quality through the more rapid degradation of organic wastes. They can also have a beneficial effect on the normal bacterial flora in the digestive tract.


A nitrifying aid for aquariums that can quickly establish and maintain the nitrification cycle necessary to convert ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate in fresh and salt water aquariums. Nitrospria+ makes “New Tank Syndrome” a thing of the past and fish can be introduced within 24-48 hours. This product will reduce fish loss due to the build-up of ammonia, ammonium and nitrate toxicity.