Sewers, culverts and tunnels

Enva provides professional, highly trained teams for sewer relining, patching or unblocking. Our operatives are certified, fully equipped and aligned with the latest industry regulations for operating in enclosed spaces. 

In addition to delivering projects in-house we can also provide customers with field teams and facilities for their individual requirements.

We operate a specialist unit which utilises umbilical cord breathing apparatus to support our confined space entry and cleaning operations. The team is typically used for storm tank cleaning, digester cleaning, deep wet well cleaning and man-entry trunk sewers.

The units comprise a self-contained, fully mobile, triple filtered air system which is designed to deliver breathing quality compressed air to operatives wearing respiratory equipment when working in hazardous atmospheres. The units generate an air supply reserve of three nine litre cylinders from rotary screw compressors with fully automatic back-up systems.

Whilst the vast improvement in CCTV inspection technology over recent years means it is now quite rare, there are still inspection situations where the traverse of a large sewer, culvert or tunnel is the only suitable option to gain relevant data on the condition of the structure. Enva can provide experienced man entry sewer traverse teams with specialist equipment including ATEX communication equipment re-breathers and full working breathing apparatus.

Strict operational procedures are followed, backed by job specific method statements and risk assessments. A separate emergency rescue team for high risk confined spaces is provided where required. Typically, minimum sewer diameter would be 1200mm to a maximum limited only by the capability of the surveying equipment.  Structural and service condition reports are provided to international sewer defect coding standards.

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