Tank cleaning

Enva offers safe and reliable tank cleaning, neutralisation, decommissioning and integrity testing via a portfolio of services. Fully compliant, with a focus on detailed site safety and emergency procedures; customised tank maintenance programs are developed to our customers exacting requirements. 

Our teams are trained and experienced in 'Confined Space Entry' and works are undertaken to highest Health and Safety Standards. All works include a Method Statement and Risk Assessment. We also have the necessary equipment to facilitate non-man entry works. 

Enva are able to remove any waste generated, including waste oil, chemicals, sludges and contaminated liquids and transfer it to our licensed facilities for treatment and recovery. Alternatively, we can offer product transfer and temporary storage during tank cleaning operation. Full traceability and certification are guaranteed for tracking and compliance.

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Our cleaning and decommissioning services

  • Hydrocarbon tanks contaminated with aviation fuels, diesel, kerosene, light, medium and heavy oil
  • Tanks containing chemicals, acids and alkalis, solvents, glycols, food grade products
  • Grease tanks
  • Bitumen tanks
  • Sewage and process effluent tanks
  • Water retention and storage tanks
  • Anaerobic digestors
  • Remote operator underwater vehicle cleaning
Enva offers a non-confined space entry method for the removal of filter media. The media types may include;
  • Activated carbon contaminated with chemicals/pesticides used in water purification
  • Activated carbon contaminated with solvents from air pollution control systems 
  • Filter media from chemical processing 
  • Spent Resin
We supply an integrated service which includes removal under vacuum, cleaning, refilling and the authorised disposal/recovery of the filter media.

Correct tank maintenance and cleaning avoids costly damage from;

  • Internal moisture build-up - over time this can cause the tank to corrode from the inside out leading to tank damage and seepage. Moisture can also have a detrimental effect on the tank contents.
  • Sludge - solids that have entered the tank eventually get broken down, settle on the bottom and become sludge. If not cleaned regularly, this can impact on the quality of contents in the tank and clog pipes. Sludge can also block filters and the passing of solids which in turn affects the operations of plants, vehicles and boilers. 
  • Microbial contamination - these bacteria grow when moisture is present in the tank. The growing organisms thrive in these conditions, causing contamination, blockages and filter damage.

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Methods used to clean the tank will vary depending on the unique circumstances of each tank and may include:

  • Non-entry tank cleaning - this process works by removing all the contents of the tank and lowering in cleaning equipment, which pressure washes or uses expanding foam to remove all chemicals and contaminants, with progress being monitored by remote cameras, where necessary. 
  • Manned entry tank cleaning - sometimes circumstances dictate that someone has to manually clean the tank from the inside. This must always be carried out by an experienced confined space entry crews. 
  • Fuel filtration/ fuel polishing - this method doesn’t require the tank to be emptied; instead, the fuel is left in the tank and any water and contaminants are filtered out. Accuracy is monitored using remote cameras and fibre optics. 
  • Multipoint pumping (water) - in this cleaning method, pumps and suction tubes are used to remove water and contaminants from empty tanks, with the waste then being disposed of at a licensed facility.

For help planning a tank cleaning and maintenance schedule, please contact our experienced personnel.

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