1st April is no joke for Red Diesel users

1st April is no joke for Red Diesel users

Enva is supporting its UK customers prepare for 1st April 2022 when new regulations will mean many organisations that had previously used Red Diesel (Gas Oil) for engines or heating will no longer be able to do so. This change impacts multiple sectors, from construction, waste management, municipal, energy, logistics, manufacturing, ports and fuel distributors. 

Increased operating costs will challenge businesses who had benefited from rebated fuel duty when using Red Diesel to operate plant and machinery onsite. After April 1st 2022 they must use unrebated White Diesel which will cost an extra 46.81 pence for every litre used. 

The switch to White Diesel also presents several practical and operational issues.  Businesses now need to think about cost effectively and sustainably managing any excess Red Diesel once the ban comes into force at the end of the month. Those who have surplus Red Diesel in storage tanks after 31 March 2022 will need to take action. 

A record must be kept of how and when the fuel was disposed of and rebated fuel being disposed of must be via an approved waste oil recycling or disposal company who is a Registered Dealer in Controlled Oils (RDCO), such as Enva.

With the deadline fast approaching Enva is geared up to provide a range of cleaning and recycling services to ensure customers experience a compliant, smooth and sustainable transition. These include:

Disposal of rebated fuel / Red Diesel – surplus fuel will be safely removed to make way for alternative fuels or White Diesel (if tank is to supply non-heating applications). The fuel removed will be recycled or used in the production of sustainable energy.

Tank cleaning – provision of drainage and cleaning services to avoid contamination. Tanks will be drained to remove the diesel / sludge waste which will then be taken to one of our facilities for treatment. 

Alternative fuel supply - Enva are a Registered Dealer in Controlled Oils (RDCO) and can provide a rebated fuel solution for use in heating and furnace applications with virtually no change to customers’ existing operations.

Barry Phillips, Director, Enva comments, “Enva’s highly experienced specialist waste teams are already providing a range of services to help customers manage the transition from Red Diesel in a cost effective, compliant and environmentally friendly manner. We are also well placed to provide an alternative fuel solution for customers looking for a fully rebated fuel solution for furnaces or heating applications. The clock however is ticking, and I would urge those organisations without plans in place to take action soon in order to meet the deadline for change.”

To book an appointment call our teams in GB and NI on T. +44 (0) 1623 871 964 (England) or T. +44 (0) 289 756 1574 (Northern Ireland), or email marketing@enva.com.

Further info: The Government has set out clear guidance as to what operators must do to prepare for this change. See Gov.Uk website for details of exemptions and HMRC compliance checks.

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