Specialist Water Solutions for Data Centres

Specialist Water Solutions for Data Centres

Enva offer a complete range of cooling water treatment solutions for data centres. As your water treatment specialist, we can deliver the most suitable water treatment solution to deal with several water matrices. We offer turnkey solutions, tailored to the client’s needs to include the following technologies:

  • Cooling tower side stream filtration
  • Rainwater harvesting filtration solutions
  • Recovery of Blowdown water through Reverse Osmosis 
  • UV sterilisation systems
  • Cooling tower dosing & control
  • Chlorine dioxide systems
  • On-Site Hypochlorite generating system
  • Water softening systems
  • Modular water treatment solutions

Enva, through our trusted partners can provide and install tailored cooling water solutions for data centres. We offer the most sustainable, energy and water efficient solutions focusing on water recovery, without compromising water quality. Enva recognises that water sources differ and offer alternative solutions to suit the application. Our tailor-made solutions ensure compliant water quality with maximum efficiency, delivered successfully to the client’s needs. 

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