Social Value

Over and above our environmental responsibilities, we are acutely aware that we also have an obligation to make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate and the wider world. This includes a range of social factors such as happiness, well-being, inclusion, equality and employment. We also recognise that our performance as a business, and the willingness of customers to work with us, will increasingly be measured by our ability to deliver commercial, environmental and social value.

Our drive to optimise the social value we create is driven by our customers, legislation and a genuine desire to do the right thing. As a commercially successful business we have the ability both to create value in our own operations and also to support our supply chain, customers and other stakeholders in its wider creation. This ability to work together across a range of sectors and disciplines is vital in maximising the positive impact that we are able to have.

We are in the process of creating a more coordinated and strategic approach to our creation of social value and details of this plan and progress against our goals will be available on our website in due course.