Flow & Load surveys

A flow and load survey is an essential requirement of any waste water treatment plant build. We provide full survey capabilities including flow monitoring, sampling, and chemical and biological analysis.

It is now widely recognised that relying on population, hydraulic data or historical information when building or upgrading an effluent plant can lead to serious plant deficiencies once operational. In particular, the design of biological effluent plants requires sound base data, as ultimately these plants contain a living bio-system which thrives on consistency.

Each survey is different and is generally tailored to the customer’s individual needs. In terms of effluent plant design some typical information provided includes:

  • Hydraulic Flow – results can be presented in a range of formats
  • Biological Loading – BOD (as well as COD for ratio comparisons)
  • Nutrient Loading – Nitrogen & Phosphorus in various forms
  • Metals – can be important as they can bio-accumulate
  • OFG – can lead to plant operational issues if not identified and treated
  • Various other parameters can also be tested depending on the customer’s needs

We offer a range of unique and specialised 'flow & load survey' services:

  • Composite sampler, flow monitor, rain-gauge & other equipment installation
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Sample collection and preservation
  • Professional, accredited laboratory analysis at our own facilities
  • Detailed presentation and reporting of results, trends & findings
  • Consultancy and advice on interpretation of data for design and upgrade work