Oil filled electrical equipment (OFEE)

The management of end of life, damaged or out of specification oil filled electrical equipment such as transformers, capacitators, switchgear and voltage regulators often present environmental, health and safety and logistical challenges. Enva provides collection and recovery solutions for oil filled electrical equipment. 

At our licensed facility the equipment is de-polluted, decommissioned and the constituent elements are recovered for further re-recycling and reuse. This includes equipment that may include Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) contamination.  

Our services include: 

  • Testing for the presence of PCB at our in-house laboratory
  • Draining of PCB contaminated transformers and equipment  
  • On-site site packing of capacitors, transformers, switchgear and voltage regulators and other oil filled electrical equipment into UN approved containers. If the units are in poor condition it may be advisable to remove the oil prior to transport. This can be performed safely by our experienced team.
  • Excavation and packaging of PCB contaminated soil
  • Provision of all required compliance, transport and regulatory documentation  
  • Provision of Recovery/Disposal Certification 

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PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) are chemical substances that have been commercially produced and sold as pure oil or in equivalent form. PCB’s have long been recognised as posing a threat to the environment because of their toxicity, persistence and tendency to bioaccumulate (i.e. to build up in the bodies of animals, particularly at the top of the food chain). Although the use of PCBs has been reduced greatly since the 1970s it is recognised that those still remaining in existing equipment pose a continuing environmental threat.

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Oil filled equipment manufactured after 1989 will be free from PCBs. However if the unit’s year of manufacture cannot be identified or the unit was manufactured prior to 1989 it may contain PCB oil which requires  specialist treatment. In addition to the disposal of standard OFEE, Enva can manage all PCB contaminated OFEE.

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