Mixed Fuels Recovery

Mixed Fuels Recovery

Enva manages a range of fuels that may have become contaminated or redundant. This includes, 

  • Petrol  
  • Diesel  
  • Kerosene  
  • A mixture of the fuels  

Mixed fuels (mixture of petrol, diesel, kerosene or water) are extremely flammable and volatile and must be dealt with extreme care. Even the smallest amounts of fuels can cause extensive land and water pollution. The fuels are also a health and safety risk on site and must be managed carefully. 

Enva provide a 205L UN approved tight head drum or specified IBC for the containment of mixed fuels on customer sites. We can also provide spill pallets if bunded areas are not available. This ensures the safe and compliant storage of waste. 

For larger quantities of mixed fuels, we organise collections in our ADR tankers. 

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