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Our product is a green waste and food derived compost produced in an in-vessel composting (IVC) system with an additional maturation stage. Certified to BSI PAS100 it can be used as a slow release fertiliser and soil amendment.  

We not only deliver a great product to the market, but it's also sustainable and cost effective for our customers. Applications include golf courses, gardening projects, landscaping works, large land remediation, mine restoration where land is restored to its previous state and tree planting.

Our PAS100 quality certified compost from co-mingled food & green waste is available in grades 0-10mm, 0-20mm and 0-40mm, and green waste only compost is available in grade 0-20mm. To buy our compost products, please contact us or complete the contact form below.

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Compost can benefit agriculture as a soil amendment and fertiliser. The high organic matter content makes this compost an exceptional means to build up the soil profile.

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The finished product is a high quality compost ideal for use as a cost effective alternative animal bedding, its water absorbency can complement or replace straw promoting high animal welfare standards.

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The resulting compost can be used in a multitude of applications, including farming, golf courses, tree planting and mine reclamation. With its highly nutritious content our compost helps to produce healthy, vibrant landscapes with sustainable results.

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Enva organic compost is a natural product which introduces essential organic matter to soil. It helps to improve soil structure, nutrient content of the soil, water holding properties, produce yield, plant disease suppression.

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Our compost is a soil improver and should be mixed with top soil/ peat and not used as a direct planting medium as a replacement for peat or top soil.

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The British Standards Institutions 'Publically Available Specification' 100 (BSI PAS 100 or PAS100) provides a baseline quality specification for compost. PAS 100 includes requirements about how materials such as green and green-food waste can be processed. Composts produced by an accredited site under the certification scheme can achieve ‘product status’, which means that they are no longer regulated as wastes.

PAS100 provides strict requirements to make sure that feedstock materials, such as green and green-food waste, are processed in a controlled way. For example, that the materials being composted are passed through an effective sanitisation stage.

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An area of our facility is dedicated to the composting of solely garden and green waste. Material delivered to site is shredded down to 80mm before being screened. Screening separates out the material to be composted from more woody material which is blended with other saw mill waste to produce a fuel for bio mass boilers.

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