We accept all grades of non hazardous wood waste from all industry sectors.


An estimated 5 million tonnes of waste wood is generated in the UK every year, with around 75% being recycled or recovered. Enva believes this should be higher and is leading the way in the collection, reprocessing and recovery of wood and wood-based products. 

From the production of award-winning animal beddings, to the manufacturing of quality biomass fuel, and the repair and manufacture of pallets, we satisfy our customers’ needs on a daily basis by recycling wood into sustainable products.

Our dedicated facilities ensure that waste wood is efficiently recovered, reprocessed and diverted from landfill, so whether you're sending waste wood to us or buying one of our finished products, we pride ourselves on offering you environmental and financial benefits.

Our expertise includes helping to establish the Wood Recyclers' Association - the industry's trade body - while our on-going commitment to the sector is driving improvement in the quality of both our services and solutions and the products we produce. 

For more information on our wood collection and recycling services, or if you are interested in our biomass fuel products, please complete the contact form below. 

View Materials we accept

View Materials we accept

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