Norbord extends Enva's 3000 tonne recycling contract

Norbord extends Enva's 3000 tonne recycling contract

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood-based panel products, Norbord, has extended its waste and recycling contract with resource recovery experts Enva until 2024. 

Enva and Norbord have worked in partnership since 2019 sustainably managing over 3,000 tonnes of material and realising a 17% reduction in the cost of managing Norbord’s non-hazardous waste.  The 3-year contract extension will see Enva continue to focus on realising operational efficiencies.  A key part of this will be a detailed analysis of Norbord’s general waste composition at its site in Cowie, Scotland.  This information will be used to further optimise the on-site segregation of recyclable materials and collection services.

Enva already recovers and recycles a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous materials while also supplying Norbord with recovered wood for use in its manufacturing process - providing a fully closed-loop recycling solution. 

Commenting on the extension Enva’s Sales Director, Stephen Cameron, said: “We look forward to continuing to develop our working partnership with Norbord and are confident our detailed understanding of their operations and waste streams will enable us to continually improve recycling rates and environmental performance.  We are committed to maintaining our emphasis on communication and data provision which will enable us to expand the number of circular solutions we are able to deliver.”

Recycling opportunities are regularly reviewed, as well as the optimisation of Enva’s service. This, in turn, minimises vehicle movements, reducing costs and CO2 footprint. It also supports increased resource recovery, enabling harder-to-manage materials such as contaminated metals, plastic banding and ash to be segregated and recycled efficiently. 

A strong emphasis on communication sees Enva providing employee awareness sessions, toolbox talks and signage to support Norbord’s employees in recycling more and reducing contamination. 

You can read more about our recycling and resource recovery solutions within our sustainability report, link here Sustainability Report