CCTV survey - professional drain inspections

CCTV survey units are used to undertake pipeline and drain inspections for a range of customers including utilities, construction, industrial companies and engineering consultants. Our CCTV equipment includes:

  • Colour forward facing cameras as standard
  • Colour pan, tilt & zoom cameras available
  • Cable lengths up to 300m
  • Cable lengths up to 1000m available by special arrangement
  • Push rod, crawler and float mounted systems
  • Heavy duty culvert crawler
  • Inspections in pipe sizes ranging from 75mm to 3000mm

Advantages of carrying out CCTV pipeline investigations

  • Unnecessary excavation can be prevented, saving resource, through carrying out integrity tests and surveys from 75mm to 3000mm gravity or pumped lines
  • “No-dig technology” assess and repair, allows a check for structural damage and suggested remedial work
  • We can produce drawings of drainage network in Auto CAD format
  • (IPPC) licences require regular integrity testing – conforming to legislation with detailed reports
  • CCTV investigations can identify problems before they become serious.

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Our purpose-built CCTV inspection vehicles carry a wide range of essential Health & Safety equipment for safe working in a confined space in addition to surveying equipment. On board equipment is powered by a generator and in the event of a power failure it has a full battery backup system.

Manhole inspection reports are produced on site to International sewer defect coding standards, using the industry leading Wincan data capture software, with video recorded to DVD or hard disk in MPEG 1, MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 formats and subject to data quality control procedures.

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Whether a business or a domestic customer, we provide pre-adoption surveys which can be used to confirm with the relevant water authority the robustness and quality of new drainage systems.

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A CCTV survey is relevant for both old and new properties. Whilst older properties are generally more susceptible to damage from trees, wear and age, newer properties may require a home buyer survey to check for quality of infrastructure and build integrity.

Fully certified drainage surveys are relevant to both buyers and sellers, to address any concerns which may result in delays or disappointments in the selling process. The survey is a useful tool to report on the structural condition, potential damage, map drainage layout and system locations.  Mortgage lenders and insurance companies often request surveys and they can also be useful to forewarn relevant water authorities of potential issues.

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