Contaminated packaging

Many hazardous products and industrial chemicals are distributed in packaging such as plastic drums, metal drums and IBCs. This contaminated packaging needs to be removed and recovered in an efficient, compliant and environmentally sustainable manner. Enva’s managed recovery solutions comprise an assessment of the nature of the contamination alongside tailored handling approaches.

In Ireland, Enva operates the only EPA licensed UN Approved Drum and IBC Reconditioning Facility, offering our customers full traceability and peace of mind for their business. We also offer recycling services for plastic drums and containers that cannot be reconditioned. 

Contaminated packaging services include;

  • Steel drum reconditioning
  • Steel & plastic drum recycling
  • IBC reconditioning
  • IBC recycling
  • IBC laundry services

We provide the following UN approved packaging: 

  • Reconditioned steel 200 litre drums
  • Reconditioned IBCs
  • New steel drums
  • New plastic drums
  • New IBCs
  • FIBCs

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Used and empty drums in the workplace are a very common occurrence, however, many industrial environments fail to understand the significant threat they pose to health and safety. As a result, precautionary measures can sometimes be overlooked.

Even when a drum appears to be empty, hazardous chemicals can remain inside for many years. Grinding, welding or cutting the drum itself, on or near it poses a substantial threat to employee safety and causes a serious fire hazard. Drums once containing petrol, diesel and other types of fuel are considered to be dangerous. 

You also need to consider both flammable and non-flammable liquids like thinners, anti-freeze, cyanide, oxidisers and corrosive waste. Under ADR regulations, an empty drum is classified as if it were full – being empty doesn’t change the classification. 

Another serious issue can occur if you have a number of these containers in your facility, a small fire or accident can get very serious, very fast. Environmental issues may also arise if you are storing drums containing traces of hazardous materials, this can leak out and lead to contamination of soil and the surrounding area. Given the hazards, these situations should always be avoided. 

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You cannot reuse a container that contained hazardous materials. The containers need to be cleaned and decontaminated. If you are cleaning containers on site be careful what you do with the waste water. This cannot be poured down a drain or disposed of with regular waste. You need to store the waste safely and have it taken away by environmental experts. 

Always approach the storage of used and empty containers in the workplace with a safety-first mindset. Enva offer a fully licenced facility to clean or dispose of empty drums or IBCs depending on the condition. Our experienced operators will assess the contamination and provide a fully tailored handling solution. 

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