Bodyshop services

A complete solution for the collection of hazardous waste from garages and dealerships, car dismantlers, body shops, engineering, manufacturing and industrial companies. We offer a reliable, safe and compliant service, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Specialised cleaning and degreasing equipment is provided to workshops and bodyshops. The equipment uses high quality cleaning products to ensure maximum performance and life of the cleaning fluid. Certificate of industrial waste treatment is issued and our expert customer service team can help with any reporting needs. Our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (D.G.S.A’s) can also identify and advise on the safe, compliant storage of waste and offer solutions for non-standard hazardous wastes.

Enva ensure the correct containers and labels are provided for the segregation of bodyshop waste streams such as aerosols, mixing pots, paint tins, contaminated rags and wipes, liquid and solid paint waste, spray boot filters, waste thinners and empty containers. We provide parts washers, brake and low level washers, and offer spray gun cleaning machines, servicing, maintenance and detergent replacement and compaction machines.

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Garage and bodyshop services:

  • Bodyshop waste disposal
  • Spray gun cleaning equipment
  • KANDO paint pot washing system 
  • Compaction equipment
  • Wipe smart dispenser
  • Antifreeze and coolant, brake fluid 
  • Mixed fuels, oil filters, solid oily wastes, waste oil 
  • Lead acid batteries, fluorescent tubes, tyres
  • Cutting fluids, grease, paint and paint tins, aerosols 
  • Empty plastic and metal drums, used IBC’s

Enva offers solutions tailored to your business requirements. We provide services that include regular machine maintenance and detergent replacement. The Enva team can also provide training on operating equipment and waste handling /storage.

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Enva offer service packages that are suited to your business, we provide solution replacement and regular machine maintenance.

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Can Crusher
• Air operated
• 1900 lb/865 kg force
• Fully automatic
• Compaction up to 80%
• Double acting pneumatic cylinder
• Safety Interlock
• Bench or wall mounted
• Crushes 1 6 Litre paint or thinner cans

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Our unique metal range of dispensers offer a more convenient, more efficient and safer method of storing our wipers on your premises. The dispenser will be serviced on the agreed schedule by your service driver. Clean wipers will be stored in the upper access point, opening out to a removable storage unit for the soiled product.

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KANDO paint pot washing system is an economical and environmentally friendly automatic water-based washer for the cleaning of disposable spray gun cup systems with water-based paints. KANDO turns disposable cups into reusable cups. Read more.

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