Site Clearance

Enva offers a comprehensive site clearance service, which includes a team of experts on hand to manage the project from start to finish. During the site clearance, we will utilise our team to decommission services including;

  • Hazardous Waste Areas 
  • Waste Compounds 
  • Chemicals Areas / COSHH Stores 
  • Oil Storage Tanks (Both Waste & New) 
  • Interceptors
  • Non Hazardous waste 

Our expertise in the waste management industry ensures all site clearances are conducted in the most cost effective, compliant and safest manner possible.

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Our experienced and skilled personnel will assess the site to determine the exact nature of the hazardous waste streams to be cleared. 

Enva provide specialist services to ensure the safe, compliant collection and removal of waste as part of your site clearance requirements;

  • Business Closures 
  • Fire Damaged Sites 
  • Change of Ownership 
  • Abandoned Sites 
  • Civil Amenity Sites 

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Always approach used and empty containers on site with a safety-first mindset. Even when a drum appears to be empty, hazardous chemicals can remain inside for many years. Grinding, welding or cutting the drum itself, on or near it poses a substantial threat to employee safety and causes a serious fire hazard. Drums once containing petrol, diesel and other types of fuel are considered to be dangerous. 

You also need to consider both flammable and non-flammable liquids like thinners, anti-freeze, cyanide, oxidisers and corrosive waste. Under ADR regulations, an empty drum is classified as if it were full – being empty doesn’t change the classification. 

Our experienced operators will assess the contamination and provide a fully tailored handling solution;

  • Visit sites to arrange the identification, safe packaging in correct receptacles, labelling, compliant transport and disposal of the hazardous waste from site. 
  • Our comprehensive site clearance service will ensure your site is free from unwanted hazardous waste. 
  • Risk assessment & method statements provided before hand and during if required. 

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Trained personnel will visit sites prior to collections ensuring all waste is packed & listed correctly:

  • Trained Chemist on hand 
  • Chemical Identification 
  • Segregation & Classifications
  • Removal & Disposal (Correct legal paperwork left after every collection) 

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If sites have a build up of bulk hazardous waste streams that they require disposing of our team of experts are on hand to manage the project from start to finish. They can visit the site if required to discuss our customers requirements, time frames and needs. 

Once the waste has been identified and the customer is happy with what is proposed the collection can then be planned in as required.
As always the correct paperwork for every collection will be left with the customer on site. 

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Hazardous waste can be highly complex and hugely varied which requires it to be managed safely and to the highest environmental standards. As with all waste types, our focus is on recycling and recovery through new and innovative processes. If waste cannot be recycled or recovered it will be treated to ensure it can be disposed of safely and compliantly. Whether it’s oils, contaminated soil, clinical waste or chemicals, our experience and expertise mean a solution is almost always available.

Our in-house laboratories determine the most appropriate treatment, recovery and disposal methods from advanced physical, biological and chemical processes. Where waste cannot be treated at our own facilities, we work with trusted partners to deliver the most effective and efficient treatment solution.

For auditing and regulatory compliance waste is tracked through our processes, reports and certificates of treatment/recovery/disposal provided as standard. Our team of professionals also advise on waste handling, waste storage and spills.

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