Recycled glass

Recycled glass

In many ways glass is the ultimate sustainable packaging format. It is a permanent material that forms part of what is considered a 'circular economy'. This means that is can be infinitely recycled without any loss to its integrity or quality, yet disposing of glass for landfill still happens. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes are wasted from bars, restaurants and households that could have been recycled into new bottles and jars, saving precious raw materials. 

Furthermore, scope for the use of recycled glass is incredibly diverse. Recycled glass can be used in areas such as a closed-loop feedstock for bottle manufacture, aggregates, manufacture of beads for road markings, sports turf, fibre glass insulation and even water filtration.  Recycled glass provides a cheaper alternative in both domestic and commercial uses yet doesn’t compromise on quality. There is also a financial implication to business, with Landfill Tax increasing year-on-year.

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Recycled glass can be used for:

  • Bottle manufacture
  • Aggregates
  • Beads for road markings
  • Sports turf
  •  Fibre glass insulation
  • Water filtration
  • Decorative aggregates
  • Interior design
  • Kitchen worktops