Biomass fuels

Biomass is produced from organic materials, either directly from plants or indirectly from industrial, commercial, domestic or agricultural products. It is often called 'bioenergy' or 'biofuel'.  Much of our wood waste is processed to manufacture a biofuel which is used to generate renewable energy.  In the form of wood chips, its environmental credentials are undeniable. Not only is it carbon neutral, but it also diverts waste away from landfill. For our customers, it also has the added benefit of being significantly cheaper than using fossil fuels. 

Biomass is a form of renewable energy generated from the use of organic material. At Enva we manufacture bespoke biomass fuel from waste wood. Biomass is now the biggest single user of waste wood in the UK. The amount of biomass manufactured from waste wood has doubled over recent years, to 2.1 million tonnes in 2018. Biomass fuel is used to produced carbon neutral electricity which is generated from the heat released when the wood chip is burned.

Many biomass boilers also operate as combined heat a power (CHP) plants, generating heat as well as electricity, which is then used to heat local businesses or homes. At Enva our years of experience have given us a track record in supplying top grade fuel which is consistent in quality, has year-round availability and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your boiler.

Types of wood chip biomass

There are two types of biomass: large scale IED compliant boilers and small scale and domestic boilers, which are not IED compliant. The type of boiler you have determines the type of wood biomass fuel you can legally burn, therefore talking to us at the start of your project to ensure you receive the correct specification of fuel is vital.

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Buying quality fuel that works with your system is an essential element of running a small-scale or domestic biomass boiler, whether for a school, library, farm or your home. At Enva we provide a range of biomass wood chip to suit your needs. You can choose a standard fuel from our G30-G150 range or we can tailor make a wood chip to meet the specific needs of your boiler. Our non-EID biomass fuels are extensively processed, making them extremely high quality.

The material undergoes a number of processes which begin with a fixed high-speed shredder before undergoing further treatment including:

  • Non-ferrous & ferrous removal
  • Extensive further cleaning
  • Dust extraction if required
  • Oversize extraction if required

Enva's experience in manufacturing quality, bespoke wood chip biomass for industrial boilers spans more than a decade. Our fuel was used for the UK’s first wood-derived biomass boiler – Wilton 10 – back in 2007. Since then we've gone from strength to strength and now manufacture wood chip biomass fuel for many energy plants in the UK and Europe. We also export fuel to plants in Sweden, Germany, Holland and Estonia.

Over the years we have developed a wealth of knowledge and collected a large database of testing results, all of which go towards providing our customers with the best fuel possible.

In supplying your fuel we will ensure:

  • The right fuel – meeting the Clean Air Act and non-IED regulations
  • Consistent quality
  • Year round availability
  • A delivery method that suits you
Much of our wood waste is processed to manufacture a biofuel which is used to generate renewable energy