Data Centres

Data Centres

Data Centres have an essential role in maintaining a critical global infrastructure that we have come to depend on in all aspects of daily life. Demand for secure, energy efficient Data Centres where companies can host their IT infrastructure is growing rapidly in line with demand for cloud computing.

Enva provide the full range of waste and resource management services for Data Centres, from early in the construction phase through to planned maintenance and ongoing critical business operations. We provide a cradle to grave, track and trace service for the disposal and recovery of all materials from data centres.

Our specialist facility in Duleek, Co. Meath is WEEELabex certified and together with our Immingham facility in the UK, provide timely logistical solutions for all swap-out batteries, WEEE, redundant casings and frames and confidential shredding of hard drives.

Solutions available:

We understand the sensitive nature of working with Data Centres, and the value that partnering with a specialist waste company brings to a secure, compliant and sustainable driven business, and can provide an emergency response service where required.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Enva’s proposition; our vision is to work in partnership with our stakeholders to help protect and preserve the world’s finite resources. We are committed to recycling and resource recovery being an enabler for companies to realise their commercial and sustainable aspirations. Our dedication to developing new and innovative products and solutions and extending the life cycle of the world’s resources is driving our business forward.

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