Free Waste Audits By Enva

Free Waste Audits By Enva

There’s never been a more relevant time for manufacturing businesses to review their existing waste and recycling services and ensure provision is aligned with changing production levels and materials. 

An Enva waste audit presents the ideal opportunity for businesses striving to achieve environmental, operational and commercial synergies to assess their waste management set up. 

The output of the waste audit will enable businesses to

  • Right size waste management services for today’s waste volumes and materials
  • Ensure flexibility for changes in production levels
  • Maximise recycling opportunities across multiple waste streams and, or sites
  • Realise cost savings and value from the waste they produce
  • Achieve zero waste to landfill

Our free, no obligation, waste audits provide valuable insight into how waste and recycling services can be re-engineered to be more efficient and get spend back on track.

By reviewing existing arrangements, the audit seeks to identify opportunities for increasing recycling rates, diverting waste from landfill, and resource recovery in line with the waste hierarchy, best practices and current legislation. 

We’re here to help. Take the first step to 'right size your waste' - book an Enva waste audit today.

Please contact us to enquire or to arrange a free, no obligation, waste audit. We will discuss your requirements and an audit will be scheduled to take place at a time to suit you.

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"The Enva team are always there to offer advice on legislation requirements and consistently advocate continuous improvement. We acknowledge the vast improvements in our waste management since beginning our working relationship with the Enva Team."

Our audits are conducted by experienced account managers and are bespoke to each business, covering all aspects relating to effective waste management, including:

  • Containers
  • Collection schedules
  • Health, safety and compliance
  • Overall recycling solution in place

Following the audit, an audit report is provided to summarise observations and recommendations, taking into consideration best practices and solutions across an array of sectors.

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Auditing of containers; 

  • That the appropriate type of equipment, and quantity of containers, is in place for the volumes and type of waste being generated
  • That containers are labelled correctly, and appropriate signage is in place
  • Ensure internal bins correspond with the external receptacles in use
  • Maximise on space, make the recycling system more effective, reduce costs and even provide rebates in some cases.

Auditing of collection schedules;

  • Review the current collection schedule and frequency of uplifts for each waste stream
  • Assess whether current collection frequencies are meeting the requirements for each site and discuss any increases or reductions to the current schedule
  • Is the existing schedule the most cost-effective method of collecting the waste
  • Discuss visibility of performance levels and responsiveness of missed or late collections
  • Time and access restrictions

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The audit will review health and safety aspects relating to the management of waste;

  • Site specific risk assessments and method statements
  • Potential hazards that may be associated with a container’s handling and storage, vehicle access 
  • Businesses have a duty of care to ensure that waste produced from the manufacturing process is disposed of and managed responsibly in line with statutory requirements 
  • Is properly segregated, stored correctly, secured to prevent escape or leakage
  • Audit trail for the waste tracking waste to the licensed end destination

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The bespoke site waste audit will fully assess the current waste disposal solution in place to ascertain whether improvements can be made. An audit report will be provided to summarise observations and recommendations, taking into consideration best practices and solutions across an array of sectors. Potential cost effective and environmentally beneficial alternatives to improve recycling and resource recovery and diversion from landfill will be considered.

Enva understands the challenges and opportunities managing waste as a resource can bring to your business. Gain insights into how waste management can be re-engineered to work for your business. Book an Enva waste audit today to find out more. We’re here to help.

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